Score Builder

Aggregate ESG scores are a popular way to summarize a country's ESG performance using one single, composite score. These scores are easy to use but not always easy to understand, since they aggregate the values of several countries and/or multiple indicators. This raises several questions. How should the countries or indicators be weighted? Is one indicator more relevant than another? Moreover, depending on the use case, one may want to exclude certain countries or look at the changes rather than the levels of an indicator.

With the score builder tool you have all 131 indicators in the portal at your disposal. You can determine which indicators (Step 1) and which countries (Step 2) are relevant to your use case and then decide how they should be aggregated (Step 3). After you have built your own custom ESG score, you can share the results with others.

Step 1: Select indicators

Indicator name Indicator
Transformations Transform.
Income adjustment Income adjust. Higher=better Higher =better

Step 2: Select economies

Step 3: Select aggregation method

Step 3.1: Aggregate indicators

Step 3.2: Aggregate economies

To construct an aggregate index, the ESG Index Builder aggregates all indicators for each economy and year in Step 3.1. This produces the ESG value for each economy over time. In Step 3.2. the final index is produced by aggregating over all economies for each year.

Final Step

Remove incomplete years?

Highest and lowest scoring countries

XX. Highest Value
XX. Lowest Value

Share your custom ESG score (coming soon)

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